Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Bella Vita Jewelry is Seeking a Studio Assistant/Retail Shop Manager
  I am in search of a studio assistant/retail shop manager. This person should have a strong desire to see a small business grow and flourish and must be a dedicated professional wanting to help in all aspects of such growth. A creative spirit is a must as well as a willingness to learn from me and on your own. Jewelry making skills, basic knowledge of jewelry, experience working in small, independent businesses, photography, and graphic design are all huge bonuses.
 This position is part time (20 hours/week) and the hours are somewhat flexible but requires evening events from time to time and at least 2 weekends a month. Pay is based on experience.

 Other qualities we are looking for are; a person that is tidy, pays attention to detail, always organized, takes notes, spends time learning, is self motivated, has a strong desire and drive to work, offers excellent customer service, has a great attitude, and has reliable transportation. Pay for this position is based on experience and I am looking to fill the position as soon as possible. 

  Does this sound like you? Are you ready to commit to a small business that is growing? To apply, email your resume and any work experience to

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tell it Tuesday: Being Boss

 Tell it Tuesday is a new series of posts I am starting. I'll be telling you all about products I love, local business I can't live with out, podscasts and music that rule my life, and just about anything I am a fan of. I hope to post weekly if time allows. 

  First up is a new weekly podcast called "Being Boss," a podcast for creative entrepreneurs by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. These ladies lay it all out and tell it like it is. The free podcasts are great for beginning entrepreneurs and experienced business owners too. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in starting a creative business. For me, as an experienced business owner, I enjoy hearing other peoples stories and daily struggles and how they deal with them.
Kathleen and Emily each have full time jobs in addition to Being Boss...
I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen and her business Braid Creative for my re-branding a few years ago. Check them out individually and check them out as Being Boss. 

  I would love to hear your daily struggles and how you deal with them in the comments. Or any questions you may have about being a creative entrepreneur!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

52 Weeks of Bronze Pendants - Week 3

Medieval Village Pendant made from a brass picture button from the late 1800's - early 1900's. 
When I unearthed this button at my Grandmother's house it immediately reminded me of driving through the Italian countryside last Spring. On one of our days in Tuscany my family and I took a bus to the village that my Great Great Grandparents were from. It was a 5 hour drive one way so it was a great way to see a lot of Italy from Siena down to the Abruzzo region. We would be driving along the Autostrada and come upon medieval cities built on top of mountains. This button immediately reminded me of those villages and what I think they look like!

Original button image and necklace design are coming soon!
Sorry this is a lame post for Week 3. I am traveling and wanted to post something instead of getting behind and posting nothing :) I will update this when I get home.

Also, I am at market buying lots and lots of gemstones and other fun stuff. Follow along on facebook and instagram!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

52 Weeks of Bronze Pendants - Week 2

We are starting something new with this weeks post... I have decided to debut all these new bronze designs in a very "small batch" to see the response to the new designs. The featured jewelry designs will have a link where you can purchase them each week. They will only be available in "small batches" for now and when they sell out, they sell out. I will gauge the response on the sales and will determine which pieces to add to my collection for the shop and for upcoming shows.

January 27th, 2015:
At first I thought the antique button I used for this pendant was a "Lacy" glass button, but, after reading up on "Lacy" glass I have decided that it isn't. I do believe the fine, detailed pattern would be classified as a "Lacy" pattern but to be a true "Lacy" the button would need to be clear or transparent glass and it would also need to be painted from the back.
"Lacy" buttons are some of my favorite. The detailed patterns featured on these tiny pieces of art is swoonworthy! I might also be a little bit obsessed with Czech glass-- or all glass for that matter. See more on "Lacy" buttons below!
If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these earrings you can find them on my website.

Glass button used to make the mold for the bronze pendants.

More info on these wonderful glass buttons. 
All information was found on 

"The Age of Lacy Glass Buttons 1860-1910"
  Lacy Glass buttons were mainly made in Austria and Bohemia (now Czechoslovakia), which were the leading European glass manufacturing centre until World War II, some were also made in France and southern Germany. Lacy Glass buttons are named after the fine stippled pressed glass that you have just heard about. The difference is that Lacy Glass buttons are extremely delicate and finely detailed, relatively flat and mostly made of clear glass, - small part were made of transparent collared glass: blue, red, soft pink, amethyst, yellow, amber and green. Today many moulded glass buttons are called Lacy Glass, but to be a true Lacy Glass button, it must have 2 - 3 layers of paint applied to the back, which is quite smooth. First but not always - paint applied in matching design to the back, then a layer of metallic or non-metallic paint often silver grey, and as protection - a coat of black paint (gold and silver are also seen). Some buttons have additional lustre or iridescent coating.
  Though the technique of making pressed Lacy Glass in metal moulds was developed in America in the 1820’s, buttons were not made there at that time.
Lacy Glass buttons should be defined in terms of construction rather than surface pattern, since Lacy patterns were used on other glass buttons, which are not classed as Lacy Glass. What distinguishes Lacy buttons from others with similar patterns is the paint applied to the back, which is to be seen through the clear or transparent glass. Unfortunately, many Lacy Glass buttons have lost their paint, either the paint has become fragile with age and is often flaked or zealous collectors in the early days were eager to ascribe them to the Sandwich glass works. Therefore they are far more valuable now with the original paint - even in fair condition.
They were made in 3 sizes, - medium being the most rare.
Small ca. 1,4 cm,  Medium 2,2 - 2,7,  Large ca. 3,1"

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

52 Weeks of Bronze Pendants - Week 1

  52 Weeks of Bronze Pendants is a way for me to showcase the pendants I am making from my (and my Grandmothers) antique button collection. Of course I am still learning, I am not an expert by any means, but I have learned a lot from my Grandmother. All of my dating and identification is my opinion. If you are a collector and want to leave your feedback or correct me on anything please leave a comment. I am a bit behind but the goal is to post a new pendant design each week. And if I am really on top of things, I will post the jewelry design to go with it. Hope you enjoy!

  January 20th, 2015:  I think this button is a Division I which means it is from before 1918. I've always had a thing for rabbits. I used to collect rabbits of all sorts as a child. I had pet rabbits, stuffed animal rabbits, little ceramic antique rabbit figurines. It was a childhood thing and at some point as a teenager I cleared it all out of my life, or at least most of it. But now as an adult I have a soft spot in my heart for these cute little critters! Find this design soon, in my online shop and at upcoming shows.

  *Here is a quick introduction to buttons... Not the best article out there but a condensed run down of antique buttons. Of course there is so much more to collecting and loving these small pieces of work. If you would like to learn more in depth you might visit the National Button Societies website.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Atlanta Recap and the Begining of 2015

  I just returned from AmericasMart Gift Show in Atlanta. This was my second time exhibiting at this show (my first was back in July).
  I departed Little Rock on Wednesday morning on the direct Delta flight around 6:30. I finally made it to my booth in Building 3 around 10 a.m. Immediately unpacked the palette I shipped and started painting my back wall so it would dry in time to decorate before I left the building for the night. I spent around 9 hours setting up on my first day and decided that had to be enough. I needed rest.
  These shows aren't for just anyone. I was quickly reminded what an emotional roller coaster they are as soon as the first buyers hit our section on Thursday morning. It's easy to put yourself out there in front of the buyer but it isn't always easy to accept the rejection (in a nice way) and crazy faces people make when they walk by your booth and look you up and down. My product isn't going to be a good fit for everyone and that is completely fine, I just had to keep reminding myself that I have a great product and the right buyer WILL come by. And they did, I had a very successful show, I picked up several new accounts in several new states and couldn't be more excited. Now to get to work on these orders -- after I take a day or two off.
  Atlanta was a great trip, I am completely exhausted but came home on a very high note and in a a very good mood. I made a lot of new business contacts, networked with fellow vendors and even some of my suppliers, reconnected with old friends from market and made new friends. Even though those 6 days were completely exhausting, I came home completely refreshed and ready to kick some major ass in 2015! I am already behind on my goal setting, planning, research & development, and my new project 52 weeks of bronze pendants... but I am going to catch up! So please follow the blog, facebook, and instagram to keep up! 

P.S. Check out these amazing chocolates from Cocoa Rouge that we will have in the shop in a few weeks! I will be putting together a jewelry/chocolate/Valentines Day card package soon! <3

Overall Booth Design.
Spring 2015 Fashion Collection
More Booth Shots
My friend and fellow designer, Megna. I am bringing her beautiful hand made creations to Little Rock! Find them in my shop in early April.
What I wore... finally made a necklace out of the brooch my Grandma gifted me at Xmas. It turned out lovely.
New Anthro dress, slicked back pony, and the loveable "love knot" necklace. (not pictured my new favorite pair of heels from Good Things Boutique).
Took an evening off to hang with some friends. We ended up at the top of the Hyatt. Such a freaking cool building. I could have stared at this view for hours and from every angle. The architect is John Portman.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Upcoming Holiday Shows

I am gearing up for an extra busy Holiday Show season and it all begins next week! Tis the season!!
First up is the St. James Shopping Spree at St. James United Methodist Church in West Little Rock. This is a new show for me but I hear great things about it and I am excited to be setting up in a new (to me) neighborhood. 


Then on November 7th & 8th I will be making my 5th appearance (hard to believe!!!) at the Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show in Springdale, AR. This has become one of my favorite shows and I look forward to seeing lots of familiar faces. I will have tons of new designs including my popular one of a kind vintage statement pieces. I will also be taking custom orders for personalized/stamped jewelry.  

November 8th also brings the Arkansas Cornbread Festival on South Main Street in Little Rock. My friend Rachel will be running the show for me here! I am a tad bit sad that I am missing this festival... but I can't be in two places at once. 

Bella Vita Jewelry and Gifts Grand Opening!!! On November 14th (5 p.m. - 8 p.m.) during the 2nd Friday Art Night in downtown Little Rock. This will be lots of fun! I will have treats and there will be lots of chances to win prizes!

November 21st and 22nd is the Arkansas Arts Center Museum School Sale. This is my debut at this show as a vendor. I've attended as a shopper in the past and it is a great place for all things art and hand made!! The show is at the Clear Channel Metroplex on Col. Glen Road.

And the finale of big shows.... drum roll please! The Little Craft Show in Fayetteville, AR. This might be my favorite show in the history of EVER! This year will not disappoint -- as long as the weather cooperates.  They have even added a Friday night shopping event this year. December 5th and 6th. Be there!

I also have trunk shows at Moxy Modern Mercantile in Little Rock, Shelby's Party House in Harrison, and Good Things Boutique in Fayetteville. Check my newsletter or facebook for more info on these events.

Happy Shopping Friends!