Monday, November 23, 2009

what I am working on

I bought my first bottle of Art Gel this week and made my first mosaic last night. I think I have found a new obsession!!! I can create little shrines and little mosaics of crazy "stuff" until my little heart is content and I am excited. What a way to express myself and what I am thinking. It really is so perfect for me because I love grouping things together and making sets of hodge podge junk that I think relates to each other. So here are my first two pendants.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

two shows in two days and a mid week retreat in the Ozarks

I had two big shows this past weekend and they were both very successful. The first show was Saturday at Good Things Boutique in Fayetteville. This was my second time to do a show here and it was equally as good as the first one. Then on Sunday I traveled to my hometown, Harrison, to do a show at Sister's Flower Shop this was a great debut for Bella Vita Jewelry. I met a lot of new customers and saw ALL of my family, well almost all of them...

the pictures above, left to right, jewelry at Good Things, Happy Customer: Angela, Yummiesfor the show from the Little Bread Company!

I decided to stay in Harrison with my parents for a few days to take a break, even though I am working... I have been spending the days at my Grandmother's house working on the vintage pearl & shell button necklaces
. She has a separate little building that holds her collection of vintage buttons, and let me tell you, it is a little slice of heaven in there. So much history and so much work that she has accomplished. My Grandmother is full of information and can tell you almost anything about any button in her collection, I love learning about the materials used, the history of the button, a lot of it relates to beads. Since this is such an amazing place to me I felt like sharing it with all of you that might be reading this...

Pictures below are, left to right, Part of the collection, The mess I have made to in order to select each button, The finished pieces! 5-button necklace $100, 7-button necklace $135, 3-button necklace $75.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Blog,

I am sorry I have been neglecting you lately. I have been too busy creating beautiful pieces of jewelry to make my customers, and me, happy. I promise I have good intentions for you in the future. I want to start posting more often and I also want to start posting how to demonstrations. Please bare with me and I promise I will return soon. In the mean time, here is what I have been doing while I have been away.


p.s. Shannon this post is for you : )