Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shipping Dates, Custom Orders, Etc...

  Hi blog readers! Sorry I have been on hiatus for the past few weeks. I've been doing a lot of shows and taking a lot of custom orders and have gotten picked up by 4 new stores!! 
I've had time to do some new designs which you can find below. I have also updated my website with brand new designs (photos by Meredith Mashburn Photography).

I am still taking custom orders and I will continue to take them until Dec. 18th. I can take custom orders after that but I can't 100% ensure delivery before/by Christmas. I can always email you a cute certificate to present to the recipient on Christmas... 

So, the important USPS shipping dates:
- First Class Mail (Bella Vita's standard shipping method) - shipped by Dec. 20th will make it by Christmas
- Priority Mail (usually a couple bucks more than First Class) - shipped by Dec. 21st will make it by Christmas
- Express Mail (next day service/appx. $18) - shipped by Dec. 22nd will make it by Christmas

Don't forget Gift Certificates are available 365 days a year. I can simply email the certificate to you and you can print it at home!

So there is that. I'd like to offer you blog readers a free shipping code. Use BLOG2012 at checkout for free shipping, it will be good for the next week.

I sure hope you all are having a great Holiday Season!!!

Hand Stamped Custom Orders - starting at $30
State Jewelry - all 50 states available- starting at $25
Vintage Brass Lockets - $40 each
Vintage Lockets $50 each    

Arkansas Cut Out Pendants - available in OK too - $75 - $85
Bronze & Semi Precious Stone Necklaces - $35 - $45
Vintage Religious Medallions - $45 - $50
State Bangles!!! $25