Monday, February 10, 2014

Bella Vita is hiring!!!

I am in need of an employee or an intern seeking college credit. Part time and flexible hours. Could possibly work remotely at times.

Job Description:
  • organizing and sorting materials related to jewelry making and inventory.
  • photographing and editing photos for uploading to the web.
  • uploading new designs to Etsy and Big Cartel.
  • some basic jewelry making.
  • designing flyers and other marketing materials for sales, shows, and events and creating line sheets and catalogs.
  • setting up and working booths at craft/art shows/festivals.
  • blog – update and create content.
  • public relations - write pitch letters and work on creating, compiling, and sending press kits, and e-mails to garner media coverage. Research prospective media venues.
  • marketing research and outreach - research galleries, stores, exhibitions, reps, and other visual arts opportunities. Contact perspective leads. Create and send promotional material.
  • social Media – concept, create, post and respond to content on Facebook, Twitter, Instgram and other social media sites.

If you think you are a good fit for this job/internship description please email me your resume. Or if you have any questions feel free to email as well.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Thoughts on the Future

I am on day 7 of this research/buying trip and to say I am completely exhausted and overwhelmed would be an understatement.
The trip has been amazing. I've accomplished everything I set out to accomplish. But now I am completely overloaded with ideas and inspiration. 

I recently found out that a tiny little retail space in the heart of downtown Little Rock will be for lease ASAP. Apparently it is a hot property and the realtors will have to meet to see which prospective tenant is the best fit for the space. 

I hope I am a finalist. 
No, I hope I get it. 
It would change a lot of things for Bella Vita; less travel and new retail hours -- just to name a few. The space is tiny so I don't know if I would have my studio in it or if it would be mainly a retail store. I have so many ideas for a retail store. While at the New York gift show I picked up a line of vegan candles/soaps/lotions, a line of woven scarves, and a line of beeswax candles that I can't wait to introduce to all of you! Another big idea I've had for the past few years is to curate an "Antique Button" museum in whatever retail space I end up with. That might just be a wall or a corner of display but I think it wold be amazing and a great addition to downtown LR. I've also thought a lot about having a small rock shop area in my retail space. I know people love gems and minerals and I would love to be able to offer that. And of course my jewelry designs would be the focus of the whole store and I would probably start selling some of my vintage jewelry as well :)

Thinking about all of this and brainstorming a business plan is exciting and very nerve wracking. I can't do it alone. I would have to find at least one full time employee -- which is scary in itself b/c I just started paying myself a salary last year. I can't imagine paying two or even three.. but I am hopeful that I will grow into that and I will be more comfortable as my jewelry business grows. I know a retail store isn't easy but I think I have what it takes, it is just such a GIANT step. 

So, the update on my original studio (at 6th & Main) that I leased OVER a year ago:
The building was supposed to be ready in August and it wasn't, then January and it wasn't, now April 21st is the magic date. I am still on board with this project but if something else comes up I can get out of my lease. I have been really hopeful that this project will work out b/c I think the building is going to be amazing and it is totally my scene! A 100 year old building! Yes! But, I can't wait around for it to be finished much longer. I am fine waiting until April unless something else pops up... like the building this week.

I would love feedback if anyone has any! Personal stories/experience and encouragement totally welcome :) Email me if you aren't comfortable posting it publicly;
Thanks for listening and check out some of my pics from NYC and Arizona...

Flying into Manhattan was lots of fun, last time I flew in it was dark so it was a totally different experience and sight.
This exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design was so amazing. I was probably drooling the whole time I was there...
Beaded Bib Style piece from the fashion jewelry collection. The craftsmanship was incredible!
My NYC street style! Thrifted denim shirt, target dress, belt from Gma, and Bella Vita necklace!
The warehouse... there are no words. It was a freaking mess this trip... almost too much for me to shop/dig through. But, I found my patience, and dug for about 4 hours and will be debuting new designs from my loot very soon.
My amazingly talented friend Stefanie Wolf in her booth at NY Now.
Snowy NY streets. I'm not a fan. Yes the snow in NYC was beautiful but not enjoyable when you don't have snow boots! Grey - icky slush and wet feet... that is all I have to say!

My favorite color palate thus far... Ruby Zoisite, Pearl, Green Onyx. I have lots of fun projects in the works and can't wait to start designing with these beauties!
Buddha in an wooden cage. I love walking the big outdoor gem/mineral show in Tucson. Lots of fun stuff to look at.
Citrine growing in amethyst.
Barrels and barrels of rocks. The picture doesn't capture what I saw... to me it looked like the open barrel lids were saying "hello!" Maybe I am delirious from this mighty long trip... :)