Sunday, November 28, 2010

Inspiring Photos

I have been cleaning up my desktop today and wanted to share some of my favorite photos...

Necklace made with a vintage Art Deco style buckle. Loved this piece, was sad when it sold...
Photo by Rex Barrett... Me holding my jewels. 
 Erin Jepson of Woolyhands' yarn. I purchased it from her at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market last Spring.
Dog, woof. This is Arlo, my baby boy... in case you haven't met him yet ;)
 Hollyhocks at my family's restaurant.
My line of jewelry, The Delicate Balance
A cactus that belonged to Matt, this is what it looks like when it blooms... once a year.
BIG puppy dog eyes.
The Nasher Sculpture Garden in Dallas.
Deer and snow at my parents house last January.
Cat. curious. dog.
Early spring at my parents house.
The Arkansas River in Little Rock.
Buffalo River in May, 65 bridge.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Specials, Contests and Custom Orders

 In order to get a head start on holiday orders, I would like to extend a 20% discount for all purchases from between now and December 1st. I posted some new earrings yesterday and hope to get some new necklaces up tonight. Use the promo code EARLY when you check out. If you have any questions or problems with the discount code please contact me, 479.200.1824. 

I am also doing a drawing for a $15 gift certificate for my online store. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me about your favorite piece of jewelry, new or old, handmade or not. You can comment on this blog or you can comment on facebook. I will do the drawing once I hit 1,000 fans on facebook. I am only 21 away!

If you are planning on making some custom orders for Christmas please do so as soon as possible. I will take 20% off all custom orders that are placed before December 1st as well. I am happy to design a one of a kind piece of jewelry for you or a loved one. Or we you can send me your old, broken, out of style jewelry and I can do a complete "redux." I specialize in rejuvenating worn out, broken jewelry.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bead Stash

Did you know that I have my own special bead box?! Yup, it's full of really special beads that I will never part with. ; ) Beads from my Grandmother's, beads that my friend Holly made, beads that other artist friends made, beads my friends have given me, beads that I collected as souvenirs, beads that I made, beads with bugs in them, a bead that might be a few hundred years old and on and on and on and on.
Maybe some day I will build a bead museum to house all my very favorite beads. Ok, that might be a little bit silly... I can officially confess that I am a bead addict! It's ok to admit if you are too...

Monday, November 8, 2010

A day in the life.

What a weekend! It all started with my Jewelry Show at Studio 6 in the Paseo Arts District of Oklahoma City. It was a great night, I met a lot of people that popped in the gallery. My friend Megan came by to see me... and then at the end a very nice lady that was unable to make a decision and loves handmade jewelry, purchased 5 pieces! It was great.
New rings made from sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire.

Part of the display at Studio 6.

Delicate Balance necklaces!!!
On Saturday, Matt and I got up and had coffee and breakfast at our local bakery, La Baguette, here in Norman. From there we headed to the Flea Market at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds. I Love this little market with all my heart. The prices are great, the people are interesting and there is always something I "need". I picked up this vintage, Italian hat... I am afraid I might be allergic to the dust or the feathers on it though : ( It will make a nice decoration if I can't wear it. 
My new hat.

 After the market, Matt and I headed home, he started watching football and I showered and got ready to visit the Girlie Show in Oklahoma City. I've wanted to attend or participate in this show since I learned about it a couple of years ago.  I applied and was selected as an alternate. I was bummed that I didn't get in but, if I had, I would have had to pull off the "being in two places at once" trick. The show was great and had a lot of great art and handmade items. I ended up with two baby gifts, some handmade cards and a pair of earrings for me. I did a little more thrifting/antiquing when I left the Girlie Show. There is a big antique market in the adjoining building. This place was really great but the prices were a little too high for my budget, it was fun to look at everything though. 

The Oklahoma City Farmer's Market building, which housed the Girlie Show and also the home of a great antique market.
I also purchased some home made tamales and salsa from a man that was sitting outside the produce stores behind this building. I haven't eaten a lot of tamales in my life but I thought I would branch out. They were very tasty but the salsa was by far the best part. I am a huge connoisseur of salsa!

I got back home just in time for Matt and I to ride our bikes to campus corner to watch the Razorbacks play. We don't have cable so we have to find a friends house to watch at or a bar. We opted for the bar. Our friends Reese, Katie and Austin all met us down there... it was fun times. They are all Arkansas/Oklahoma fans so it was bittersweet for everyone since Arkansas won and Oklahoma didn't.

Sunday brought about a load of productivity... I guess it was the time change? I don't know... Whatever it was I'd like it to happen every day. I got up, did all my grocery shopping, got plastic for our windows, cooked lunch, sat in the sun for a few minutes, cleaned up the garage, put all my winter clothes out, took Arlo to the lake to play, rearranged my studio, cooked tuna cakes for supper, baked banana bread, made spilt pea soup for the week, washed and folded most of the laundry, and fell asleep on the couch at 8:30! It was awesome! Now I am excited to see what this week has in store. I just saw the weather, highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's, I'll take it. I am also starting my second round of boot camp at the Martial Arts center. I missed the 5:30 class this morning because my alarm didn't go off, probably not the best way to start... luckily there is a class at 9:00 too. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from our adventure yesterday!


He is a water dog, no doubt about it.
Blue, the color of the sky.
I don't know what this is, I really liked all the color though.

Matt and I, in our Razorback hoodies.
Weeds, pretty weeds.
Sand and stuff, the earth's confetti.
Flying dog.