Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Main Street Update!

I stopped in 524 Main St. yesterday! This is what I found...

The inside of my studio space: Framing has started around the exterior walls. As you can see two of my walls are brick/stone. I think they will have to be covered though... I am pushing to keep one of them exposed but due to "Historical Preservation" rules, they might both have to be covered. The column in the center is also a very important piece of the historic part of this building. I don't know all the details but it is definitely original to the building (late 1800's). I'll find out more info and share it when I open up.
Floors leading to my studio. They still have to be finished but I think they are amazing! 
6th Street facade! This is the appx. where the entrance to the building will be.  Facade's being built and glass windows being put in place!

 Completion of all the construction is still at least 6 weeks away. I wont be moving in until June or July depending on my show schedule, which I am still finalizing. 

 They didn't mention me (insert sad face) but it is a good article about what is coming to this "Creative Corridor" 
It was GREAT to see this progress being made. You all know I am dying to get in there!