Friday, October 22, 2010

Upcoming Shows & Events

Here is a list of all of my upcoming events between now and Christmas. If you can make it, stop by and say hello! I will be offering a special discount for my blog readers, you just gotta tell me you read it to get it.

October 29th & 30th: Indie Emporium, Tulsa, Oklhahoma
Check out Indie Emporium on facebook .

November 5th: Studio 6 Gallery Show, The Paseo Arts District, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

November 13th: Trendy Third Block Party, 23rd Street Courts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Check out the Trendy Third Block Party on facebook.

November 19th & 20th: Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show, Springdale, Arkansas
Check out the NWA Boutique Show on facebook.

December 1st: Trunk Show at DeVito's Restaurant, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

December 2nd: Kathy P. Thompson Gallery Show, Fayetteville, Arkansas

December 4th: Private Trunk Show, Fayetteville, Arkansas
December 5th: Private Trunk Show, Ft. Smith Arkansas

December 11th: Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Check out Deluxe's on facebook.

December 18th: Good Things Boutique, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Check out Good Things on facebook.

See you soon!!! Feel free to email me with any questions or if you are interested in hosting an event of your own!

Rainy Day Blogging... in bed...

Good morning! 
I started a Boot Camp workout class a few weeks ago and we meet at 5:30 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Most days it is easy to get up and get there but then some days it is extremely hard. Today was a bit difficult but, I reminded myself that after class the day is mine! I can do what ever I want to do and that is what I am doing now. I am under the covers in my cozy bedroom blogging from my bed! I just might take a nap after I finish this blog and answer some emails. It rained all night here and is now very cloudy and cool... perfect for snoozing...

I have been working really hard lately to prepare for all of my Fall/Holiday shows that are coming up. Next weekend is the Indie Emporium show in Tulsa.

I am a newbie to this event and am very excited to participate. I will have a great selection of new Trendy Chic earrings and necklaces. I hope to have all of the necklaces in the $20 - $30 range! This will be a challenge for me, I tend to add too much to my necklaces which raises the price. So, I will be designing simpler pieces to keep the retail prices down. This will be a good thing though, I need a challenge like this from time to time.

Then the next weekend I am the featured artist at Studio 6 in the Paseo Arts District of Oklahoma City. Here I will focus on my Delicate Balance line of jewelry. Last week I worked really hard to create some new necklaces and earrings. Take a peak at what I will be debuting on November 5th. And if you are in the area for either one of these shows please stop by and say hello!
If you are not in the area check out the events page on my website or my next blog entry for upcoming events.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bella Vita's Original Wire Wrapped Rings!

It was two years ago this October that I was inspired by a vintage clip on earring. I was inspired and determined to turn the beautiful piece of costume jewelry into a ring for my finger. After spending a bit of time manipulating, bending, twisting, curling, etc. I had a brand new, sparkling, cocktail ring. It took me a while to perfect the design but I feel after two years and countless feet of wire, I have finally done just that. 
In celebration of all the success my Original Wire Wrapped Rings have brought me, I would like to offer a re-wrap to customers that have purchased my rings in the past. I have recently seen some of my creations that look like they have been run over by a car or put through the dishwasher and people continue to wear them! I know in the beginning, when I was perfecting my skill, I sold some rings that wouldn't be up to the Bella Vita standard today. I am also using a new wire that has a special coating to resist tarnish. If you think your ring needs some TLC then bring it to me at one of my upcoming shows. For $5 (to cover the cost of materials) I will custom size and re-wrap the wire on your ring for you. If you can't make it to one of my shows simply email me and we can arrange for you to mail it to me.
I will be having a 25% off sale on my current inventory of rings at the upcoming First Thursday and 3rd Friday Argenta Art Walk (custom orders excluded).

The ring that started it all! My very first Wire Wrapped Ring. Made from a vintage clip on earring.
Some of my favorites, vintage buttons and clip on earrings.
Vintage buttons, modes of transportation, from the 1939 World's Fair.

Vintage clip on earrings

Vintage fabric buttons off vintage clothing.

Vintage fabric buttons off vintage clothing.

Vintage fabric buttons off vintage clothing.