Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hi. I am Brandy... sometimes I write a blog...

Finally! An update...
  So much has been going on lately. I haven't really posted in over a month mainly because I have been traveling for shows and busy with orders...

  I had a big blog story all ready to write after we finished Renegade in Austin. But, a day after that show is when the tornado hit our neighboring town, Moore, OK.
My blog post about my trip to Austin seemed so irrelevant. I didn't feel like anyone cared about the amazing artists I met at Renegade, or the cute dress I bought while shopping on South Congress the day the storm actually hit.
  I know all I could think about were the lives that were lost, the people that were displaced, the animals, and all the missing and unaccounted for people. I was obsessed with listening to and watching the news. Matt finally had to turn it all of for a few days.
  As soon as we returned, the day after the storm, I designed this necklace with the intentions of donating all of the proceeds. Orders started pouring in! 1 here, 3 there, a man in CA ordered 6! Orders came in from all over the country. After I send off the orders I have ready to mail tomorrow, I think I will have made around 56 necklaces! I mailed the first donation check for $1310 off to the Moore Red Cross.
  I did a lot of research on who to donate to... I might have even obsessed about it for a few days... I called the churches, the animal shelters, and the Red Cross. I felt like the donation would be best used at the Red Cross so that was my final decision. I am still deciding where to mail the second round of donations so if you have a suggestion please let me know!
I have enough chain (which I got donated from one of my suppliers) to make 4 more necklaces where 100% of the proceeds will be donated. After those sell I will be donating 50% of price of the necklace.
  I'd also like to give a big shout out to my former assistant, Roshni Roberts. Roshni willingly donated her time to make the first 40 necklaces! I was traveling for shows and she stepped up and got them done while I was gone. Thanks Roshni!

  After our trip to Austin (which was fabulous by the way, I will try to blog about the artists I met soon!), I was home for a day and then left for Arkansas for shows and a weekend in Little Rock to tie up loose ends. I got to meet with my landlord to look at the space I will be renting for my studio on Main St. in Little Rock.
  This was very exciting! Except, the building is till very much under construction... he is still hopeful that I will move in at the end of August though. We shall see. In the mean time I am trying to figure out a temporary space somewhere in LR so I can keep working through this move. 
Outside of the "Arkansas" building, where my studio will be housed!
Very under construction... but this is the corner I will be in!
   So, I set a move date yesterday. We will be packing up the Uhaul on July 2nd, driving to Little Rock on the 3rd and unpacking.  My Grandparent's will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on July 4th in my hometown and you know there is no way I'd miss that party! July 4th is Matt and I's wedding anniversary too. Except we are only two years in!  

  Things are kind of quiet in the studio at the moment. I am spending my time keeping up with wholesale orders and all my other free time I am working at my waitressing job to make extra money for our move!
  I hope to start packing up my studio and sorting through old materials and other goods. Watch my facebook page for flash sales. 

Hope you all are having a great summer so far!