Thursday, May 7, 2009

Couple of new things...

This is my anklet, just for me! Made of Cubic Zirconia's and Sterling Silver
This is what I made my Mom for Mother's Day, it is my brothers and my initials and our birthstones on a sterling silver chain.
This is a Boulder Opal I found in a box of stuff my Grandmother gave me. I have had it for years and was finally able to get it set this week. I LOVE it! Thanks Grandma!
This is another stone, unknown, that I found in my Grandma's box of "goodies" a long time ago. It is set in sterling silver.

I got my application packet completed for the Arkansas Arts Council's Individual Artist Fellowship awards. I could potentially be awarded $4000... So, cross your fingers and say your prayers for me, awards are determined in mid-September. I am relieved to have this done!!! I had to make an artist resume, artist statement and document 10 pieces of work... It doesn't sound that hard but I am not an accomplished artist yet so I found it hard to talk about my work and find information for my resume. But it is all done and about to be turned it!
I had to reward myself after all this hard work with the application and show prep. So I splurged on a pedicure today! And let me tell you it was FABULOUS! I went to this new little spot by Pizza D's in Hillcrest, the name is of the shop is Lady Fingers and I highly recommend you make an appointment here. They use essential oils and the massage is magnificent! Lets support local business, especially all these new and old businesses in Hillcrest. If you haven't made it to the Station yet you better scoot on down there. They carry all sorts of local foods and produce and even have a salad bar and deli! Then there are all the old stand by's the D and the Oyster Bar! 

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