Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dustbowl Arts Market

 Yesterday was the Dustbowl Arts Market here in Norman. What a day! We started setting up at 8 and the festival started at 10. Business was awesome, so many people came out to support all the local artists and to hear the free music. At one point in the afternnon I had four women waiving their credit cards in my face, that was a first! 
I was very impressed by the quality of all the art and crafts and the variety too. Some of my favorite vendors were; Cut Out and Collect, Samantha Lamb Photography, and Three Yellow Starfish. In all honesty, if I had the money or the time to really look at each and every booth, I think I would have found something to purchase from each artist. It was that good! Thanks to everyone that organized Dustbowl!!!

Bella Banner
I am playing around with new ways to set up my booth and also some new displays.

Rings! Always the most popular item.

The Delicate Balance Collection

Happy shoppers, male and female.

Trendy Chic

Trendy Chic

Trendy Chic

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