Sunday, November 28, 2010

Inspiring Photos

I have been cleaning up my desktop today and wanted to share some of my favorite photos...

Necklace made with a vintage Art Deco style buckle. Loved this piece, was sad when it sold...
Photo by Rex Barrett... Me holding my jewels. 
 Erin Jepson of Woolyhands' yarn. I purchased it from her at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market last Spring.
Dog, woof. This is Arlo, my baby boy... in case you haven't met him yet ;)
 Hollyhocks at my family's restaurant.
My line of jewelry, The Delicate Balance
A cactus that belonged to Matt, this is what it looks like when it blooms... once a year.
BIG puppy dog eyes.
The Nasher Sculpture Garden in Dallas.
Deer and snow at my parents house last January.
Cat. curious. dog.
Early spring at my parents house.
The Arkansas River in Little Rock.
Buffalo River in May, 65 bridge.