Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bella Vita's Interpretation of the Pantone Color Forecast: Spring 2011

I hope you enjoy this post. It is my blog contribution to my friend Catherine's blog. Be sure you check out "The Fashionable Traveler's" too! I hope to get her as a guest blogger on here soon.
Pantone Color Forecast, Spring 2011

The folks over at Pantone say that “Honeysuckle” is the color for Spring.
They say, “Flirtatious Honeysuckle is a feel-good hue that brings a festive
sense of playfulness to this season’s palette. This vibrant pinkish-red for both apparel and cosmetics makes consumers feel alive, and is a perfect post-winter pick-me-up. the quintessential neutral that consumers can rely on to coordinate with everything in their closet.”  
I have to say I agree, I think Honeysuckle is a beautiful, playful hue that will complement  and revitalize any skin tone and/or hair color. I am also excited about Peapod, Beeswax, Russet and Silver Cloud. I think those colors will make beautiful combinations in clothing or jewelry. The blue hues, Regatta and Blue Curacao, in my opinion, are beautiful standards in Spring color forecasts. Turquoise was the “color” in the forecast for Spring 2010.
Now that we know the colors for Spring what precious and semi precious stones will we use to compliment the clothing designs of the season?

The Color for Spring: Honeysuckle

This dress design by Peter Som was my favorite in the Honeysuckle collection. Vermeil and Fuschia Chalcedony Earrings by Bella Vita Handmade Jewelry.

Mystic Carnelian and Chrysoprase necklace by Bella Vita Handmade Jewelry

Coral Rose and Beeswax combined together for a warm color combination. I got to do a little shopping this weekend and selected the beads in the picture above. They are jade and resin in beautiful hues of yellows and oranges. I haven’t decide exactly what the design will be. Hopefully I’ll get to share it with you in the future.

The warm set:
Russet will be beautiful with anything from jaspers and agates to chalcedony and jade. This is also a great accent color for the rest of the collection.
Regatta and Blue Curacao can easily be match with any variety of turquoise as well as blue apatite or blue chalcedonies.
Lavender will be great with a lighter amethyst stone.
Silver Cloud another great accent color whether used as a stone or the metal components.
So what stones will you be sporting this Spring?

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