Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday Thrifting, Sunday Rearranging

  I should be doing this...

but, I just can't focus on it... So instead, I went thrifting and had lunch with friends! 

This is sweet baby Quinn, we hung out Saturday. Her parents are good friends of Matt and I and they live in Oklahoma City. Quinn is about 2 months old. Very very sweet baby!
  I pretty much took Friday and Saturday off as my "weekend." So on Sunday I hit the ground running! I locked myself in my studio at 8a.m. and came out at 5 p.m. I rearranged my work tables to make a more enclosed area for me to work in. I also had to make room for my new rusty shelf and my new magazine rack.
Rusty shelf... Matt didn't understand why I HAD to have this. It is perfect for my bead trays and I talked the guy down to $5!
Magazine rack... $5!!!!
And this sweet little print... I was more drawn to the frame than the print, $6. 

I purchased this basket storage device at The Container Store 2 years ago when I started Bella Vita. I used to keep ALL of my beads, tools, findings etc. in here... wow! I think this is also the only "new" piece of furniture I have purchased for my studio/office. On top is an antique thread display, makes a great storage device for all my vintage goodies!
My new "business" area...
Cleaned up, organized shelves full of goodies.

The overall doorway picture... looks a little hectic.

  Now that everything is sorted and put where it needs to go, I can start doing inventory. Eek! 
It really isn't too bad, just time consuming.  I hope to get started in a few minutes and could very well have it done today. 
  Tomorrow I start my Metalworking class at the Arts Center here in Norman. I am sooooo excited! I will definitely be taking photos and blogging about my progress and projects. In my free time I am working on a very special blog for The Fashionable Traveler's blog. It is going to be all about Pantones color forcast for Spring 2011. You can link to The Fashionable Traveler's blog from my "blogs I read" links. Ciao!


  1. You are inspiring me to re-organize my studio/'s a disaster!

  2. mine was too... you just have to set aside a little bit of time and just do it. I have always had to have my "space" just right before I can be productive. Interior Design is so fitting for me... now if I had more time to do it.