Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things I want but cannot have...

  Yesterday Matt and I took off on an adventure. We started by visiting the Pops 66 store/restaurant in Arcadia (just north and east of the city (OKC) on Historic Route 66). I learned about the building while reading a magazine at a doctors appointment a few months ago. The article was about the  nationally known architect Rand Elliott and his designs including the Pops 66 store. I was excited to finally have a day off to go and explore this "ultra modern landmark."

Rendering of the design of the building.

Soda bottles line the glass walls of the building.

The view above us as we ate lunch.

Matt graciously smiling for the camera at our table.

The sodas lining the glass front, also right beside our table.
   We got there right at lunch time (somehow, without planning we do this ALL the time) and the wait was long... or so they said. We actually got in quicker than the hostess estimated. The menu is full of burgers and sandwiches and fried side items. I  opted for one of the salad options yesterday because I knew the "foodie" in me would steal a bite of Matt's burger. It was 7 layers of lettuce, bacon, chicken, bleu cheese, cucumber, tomato and I guess the dressing made the 7th layer. It was YUM! If you are ever in the area this is a wonderful point of interest for people of any age.
  From there we headed east a bit and then worked our way back west, all on back roads... It was pretty interesting to see some of Oklahoma's countryside. We saw crop land that is being prepared to be planted, a huge mansion (I estimated it cost a billion dollars to build and Matt thought I was ridiculous so I re-estimated it at 3 million dollars), lots of horses and cows, a honky tonk in what I thought was "the middle of nowhere," it was hoppin on a Sunday afternoon. We didn't go inside, I am pretty sure if we did the music would have stopped... it was that kind of place. No windows either = sketchy!
  We finally made it back out into a more populated land and hit I-35 which took us to Guthrie. Guthrie, Oklahoma was actually the first capitol of Oklahoma. 

"Our community was born as a result of the excitement of America's
1889 pioneers as they settled here after the Land Run, and, as she
was then, we are now, a city alive with unique shops, businesses
and professionals making a difference for Guthrie's future in the
21st Century."
-From Guthries official website. 

  The town is amazing from an architectural standpoint. It is full of old brick buildings and some of the street paved with brick have been preserved as well. There are a bunch of antique stores! From fine antiques with high prices to antique malls with fair prices and a mixture of antiques and junk.  
  I am lucky that Matt shares an interested in my need to dig and prowl for "stuff." He mainly sticks to digging through books and vinyl records while I search for aesthetically pleasing furniture, pottery, paintings, jewelry etc. Yesterday was full of interesting items. But, I have to put the breaks on sometimes. We have a pretty full house and too much stuff stresses me out! I photographed all the things that I would like to have purchased but talked myself out of. If I am still thinking of them in a few days perhaps it was mean to be and I will find the time to go back and collect the items that I can't live with out. Until them, I have pictures to remind me of what they look like.

A Fox print, I learned to appreciate Fox's artwork from my Mother, she is a collector herself. Wouldn't it be nice to walk through that garden?!

Set of 4 pink bowls... not sure who made them or the age of them... I do know that they are sweet and the perfect addition to a vintage inspired kitchen. But, I have bowls and they serve their purpose just fine and until they all break, I probably don't need new bowls.

I loved this print. It was only $12.

Same here, loved the print but kept thinking... do we have anywhere to hang another painting?

Beaded hand bag... this store was really proud of it's merchandise, as it should be, they had a beautiful collection. I have always wanted a vintage/antique beaded purse collection... maybe someday

I didn't really want this I just thought is was a neat design for a cabinet. The tag said it was a "Slaves Cabinet" dating back to 1850... and it was very expensive, $465.

Shop cat. This store was closed. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this cat. He was not interested in smiling for the camera.

Alas, the one thing I did buy. An Owl planter. He was a bargain for $8. Now I just have to find the perfect place for him in our house.


  1. Wow, that sounds like the perfect day off. The bowls look like pyrex or fire-king. I've never seen an entire set of pink one's. if the price was good, that might be worth going back to get. I have my grandmother's entire pyrex collection it's so bright and of my favorite things. Enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Oh, I adore many rad finds! Your little owl buddy sure is cute :)

  3. It was a wonderful day. I bet the bowls were pyrex. They were only $65! I have thought about them quite a few times since last weekend...