Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tucson, shopping day 3

Sorry for the lag in the blog posts about my recent trip to market. 
Here is day threes finds. 
My most unusual buy, Aragonite.

Aragonite, whole strand...

Tourmalated and rutilated quartz and other stones! Probably my favorite buy!

Very top quality Kyanite with a high polish.

Tibetan side drilled quartz crystal.

Funky mixed stones.

Vermeil chain and mixed stones! This should be FUN!

New sterling silver designs from Nina Designs.

What was your favorite thing I purchased???


  1. What a gorgeous treasure trove of gemstones! I am glad you liked our silver too. Thanks for mentioning us,
    Nina Designs

  2. I am so honored you commented on my blog! I love your designs I can't wait for the silver and gold markets to come down (hopefully they will someday) so I can get all the styles I love.
    It was so nice to meet some of the "Nina Designs" women at the Holidome.

  3. I love the Nina Designs charms - She always has the best stuff...the mixed stones are awesome!!
    I haven't even had a chance to post my Tucson finds yet! Hope you stayed warm,...it was hard to do!! :)

  4. I know it was freezing! I just got everything sorted this week. Now to play!