Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh Blog, it's been a while...

HI! remember me?!

This is what I have been doing lately:
30th Annual Jungle Boater Canoe Race on the Mulberry River in Arkansas:

  These pictures are from the day before the race. Matt and I always take a short float with all our "Creek" buddies. After all the major rapids, Matt put me in a boat by myself! Check it out, my first solo trip. Yeah, it was all of about a quarter of a mile, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

  After the weekend outdoors I headed back to my parents house to spend a week at home. I actually didn't spend too much time at home as I had visiting to do with my friends. I got to spend some time in Eureka Springs with my pal Holly and her adorable little family!
  Then on the weekend I helped my Grandparent's at the Eureka Springs Antique show. This was a lot of fun for everyone involved.  
 The only bad thing about a show advertised as an "Antique Show" was the fact that I couldn't really afford anything there.  However, I did find a few jewelry treasures and filled out a wish list for my b-day which I promptly handed over to my Mom. One of my jewelry treasures was a strand of old pressed Czech glass beads. They are a basket of flowers embellished with pressed beads and seed bead! I snagged it for $5!!!! I couldn't wait to show them to my Grandma, needless to say she was so proud of me for getting such a good deal! I added them to my collection, don't they look great beside my blue "warriors?" I don't know a lot about these types of glass beads. I am just assuming they are Czech from my experience and love for Czech glass. I would love to learn more about them as I feel they were not as mass produced as other Czech glass. I am sort of obsessed with learning about the history of glass beads. Any info or resources would be greatly appreciated.

Bella Vita has a lot of exciting things coming up. I promise to set aside more time for blogging, in the mean time make sure you are following me on facebook and @bvjewelry on twitter.

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