Wednesday, July 13, 2011


While on vacation I ran across some beautiful feathers. I think they are probably from the 70's, judging by the dust on the boxes they were stored in!

All these pieces are designed exclusively for Ultra Studios in Fayetteville, Arkansas and should arrive there next week. If you are interested in a pair contact me or the store. I can also make custom feather jewelry... I have a ton of feathers now!


  1. Hi Bella, I have been requested to make 50 pair of feather earrings. I have been selling my feather earrings for about $20. Do you think this price is in the ballpark? I know it is all relative to the price of materials etc., but you know the skill that is required to make a decent pair, what are you pricing your feather earrings at. I thought a good wholesale price might be between $8-$10. hope you will help me with my questions. Thanks, Nancy

  2. Hey Nancy,
    My feather earrings are retailing for $25 with the exception of a couple of pair that are $45. I usually do 1/2 of that for my wholesale price. If I were to make 50 pair for one person though, I'd probably keep track of my time by the hour and then come up with a wholesale price... it might be a little less since you could do all of the earrings in an assembly line style.
    Does that help?
    Let me know if you have any more questions :)

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