Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cleaning, Organizing, Sifting, Rearranging

  January brings new beginnings, resolutions, goals, ideas, fresh starts etc. etc. etc. To me it is always a refreshing time of year, the big reset... A whole new year is ahead of us. Perhaps I look at it like this because I am the owner of a young, small business.
  I have many goals and ideas for new jewelry lines that I want to design in the upcoming year. I have two big shopping trips in the next 6 weeks, a research trip to the Dallas Market, and possibly a class or two in metal working techniques. (All before March 1st)
  But, before any of this can happen I have to clean out, organize, and rearrange my studio. This might not sound like a big deal but trust me, it is. 
As a collector of vintage and antique items (not just jewelry, decor too), I have acquired a lot of "stuff." Which is kind of crazy to me because I often think of myself as a minimalist... probably not so much anymore. So in between my shifts at my day job (waiting tables) I have started the cleaning/organizing process. I just drew up a sketch of I will rearrange the furniture in my studio and now have to get everything ready for the "big move." Hopefully, crossing my fingers, today will be the day that I get enough done to start moving furniture. 
  As a child I was always rearranging my bedroom. I loved the feeling of a new scheme. I think I'll feel the same way after I complete this project. Hopefully it will be completely inspiring too!

A small fraction of my vintage materials stash!


  1. We are one in the same :) Collecting, organizing,'re speaking my language! I hope in 2012 that we get to hang out some more!!

  2. Those pieces look awesome! Hope the re-arranging goes well and inspires you. Would love to re-arrange my space and change things up a bit!

  3. I can't wait to hear about your shopping trips. Everyone loved the custom pieces, thanks again!