Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

  Last Sunday Matt and I took off for the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is about an hour South and West from Norman. I was completely impressed and amazed that this existed in Oklahoma. I am so used to the flat lands that we live in, but this was far from that. 
The large rocky hills made made me think I was in New Mexico. I think the tallest one is in the 1,000 foot range.

  There are also roaming buffalo and long horn cattle. We didn't get very close to the buffalo but we had a few cows wander pretty close to us.
The day was beautiful and warm. About an hour into our hike we noticed the sky was turning hazy and by the time we got out of the hills the view was very "apocalyptic" like! The wind was insane! I would say the gusts were up to 40 mph. All in all it was a beautiful day trip! I highly recommend checking this out if you are a local or traveling through Oklahoma. There were quite a few shorter trails to hike, we chose the 5 mile loop which was one of the longer ones but made for a perfect hike! After the hike we strolled through Medicine Park which is an old historic resort town that has been restored. I wish we had more time to spend here but we had a dinner date with friends in OKC. I think we will go back for another day trip soon!
  We met our friends at their new house, which is amazing and made me totally jealous! I want to own a house. It was built in the 20's and is absolutely perfect!
From there we went to Republic Gastropub at Classen Curve. This was a new restaurant for Matt and I. I am trying to eat a new restaurant every time we visit OKC (which isn't that often, or not as often as you would think b/c it is only 30 minutes away). We all ordered a different beer and a couple of appetizers. Matt and I shared a Reuben with french fries. All in all the food was really good, a step up from pub food. The beer was good too. It was a little over priced for me to return but I am glad I got to check it out once. The design of the interior is pretty fantastic so that was nice to see. Again, if you find yourself in Oklahoma City, check out this gastropub, definitely worth hanging out in the modern space. And, Anthropologie just opened in the same shopping center!!!

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  1. I was as surprised as you! I lived in KC for a couple years, and saw only flatland around there! From MO to KS to OK!
    These are beautiful pics!