Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tucson - Day 4

  I started my last and final day in Tucson by having breakfast with Karyn, the lady that I rented a room from. She was so generous and sweet and made me breakfast while I stayed with her :)
  After breakfast I headed back out to wrap up my last minute shopping. I knew I wanted to go back to a couple of shows to pick up some last minute items and that I did. I found all these amazing charms and ordered some last minute Czech glass that I am dying to design with. I have to wait two weeks though! That is how new these glass beads are!!!!
Here is a sneak peek...

  I got done shopping early so I headed to the house to start packing my loot. My flight was so early on Saturday that I needed to have everything ready to go Friday night so I could just walk out the door on Saturday. 
I got everything all packed up and said goodby to Karyn and then made my way to dinner at Oregano's Italian Bistro (one of my fav's in Tucson) where I met Stefanie. We had a great time talking about our finds for the week and showing off our own designs. I am so glad that Stefanie and I were able to meet up during this trip. Cheers to new friendships!

Stefanie and I at Oregano's.
  I got up super early on Saturday and made my way to the airport. I arrived back in Oklahoma around 1 p.m. Tucson was fabulous this year! The weather was perfect and even though I was traveling by myself I never felt alone. I made every effort to meet new people and to network as much as possible. Until next year! 
  Now I am working on taxes, planning our trip to NYC, and unpacking everything, counting, pricing and sorting it into it's new home. I took a few minutes yesterday to make a pair of earrings out of some of my new materials. Let me know what you think! 

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  1. Love the arrowheads! I picked up a few on my last trip to Montana!