Friday, March 2, 2012

New York, New York

  We started our road trip, yes I said road trip, on Wednesday morning, bright and early. After arguing with the rental car company we ended up in a mid sized Chevy Malibu for our epic adventure. Honestly the 26 hour car ride didn't feel like it took that long. Perhaps it is because I slept or played on my phone for most of it.
  Matt and I had separate itineraries for most of the trip but did get to spend all day Saturday together which was great! Friday was my day at the warehouse, Saturday was our day, Sunday was another day for me to hang out by myself (which I really enjoyed) and Monday we wrapped things up and hit the road around 2 p.m.
  All in all the trip was amazing! I kept telling Matt that I couldn't believe I got him to NYC with me! He isn't a big fan of the city, if you know him you'll completely understand that :)
  We ate good, drank better, made new friends, met up with a couple of old ones, I shopped and Matt gave his talk... all went well! See for yourself, I have chosen my favorite pictures from the trip.

Top secret warehouse. All 5,000 sq. ft. look like this and I dug in it for 8 hours, I probably could have spent 8 days!
The Seagram Building, I studied this building in college and finally got to see it in person. It was always one of my favorites!
Matt at breakfast, somewhere around Madison Ave. and 50 or 60's Streets.
The Metropolitan. Matt and I enjoyed this together... it's pretty confusing building! But oh, so amazing!
An installation of glass at The Met. I found this to be beautiful!

This was the begining of the day I spent by myself, I walked from Broadway and 46th to Chinatown which is around Broadway and 1st. It was at least 6.5 miles according to google maps. This day was great because I got to go anywhere I wanted to!
Flower Market.
Tender Buttons, a button shoppe.
Bedlam with David K! So much fun.
Paper lanterns in Chinatown!
Lunch for one, streetside in Little Italy.
Probably one of my most favorite things ever! A mail chute in our hotel.

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