Monday, April 30, 2012

Dustbowl Arts Market @ The Norman Music Fest

 This past weekend was my first outdoor show of 2012. I have cut back on outdoor shows because I am not set up well enough to fight the elements... I learned that last year... the hard way! 
This past Saturday was perfect though. Low winds, overcast skies, and cool temperatures. It was  a great day. 
Dustbowl Arts Market!
Experimenting with a new product. Succulents in antique china.
New earring design! Glass scarab with chain tassels.
 This Dustbowl was extra fun because it is part of the Norman Music Festival, which is a completely free festival in downtown Norman. Most of the music was Indie and I hadn't heard of many of the bands but I did know who Alejandro Escovedo and Hayes Carll were and I made my way to their shows after I packed up my booth on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed watching both musicians. After Alejandro's set I stuck around the stage waiting for the next show and found myself standing very close to Alejandro. I guess he came out visit with fans. I really wanted to go over and thank him for playing this festival. I had always wanted to see him live but he hasn't toured anywhere close to Norman. I stood there a bit longer and then saw he was going to walk right by me so I stepped over and thanked him! He shook my hand and that was it. It was a fun rock star moment. Hayes Carll was great too, he had local musician Travis Linville sit in with him so that was fun. I have been wanting to see a Hayes show for a while now to... I got to see both for FREE! Thanks Norman Music Fest!

 Sunday brought about a day of rest and tending to our garden. The garden is coming a long quite nicely. We are having some pest problems but hopefully have them under control now. I started some more seeds yesterday, zinnias, sunflowers, pumpkins, habaneros, cherry tomatoes, and I think that is it. I planted my basil starts, some cilantro starts, a lavender plant I purchased, and a few random flowers (because I never have enough flowers!) 

 I am working hard this week and next to make some new statement pieces for Bella Vita. I have a couple of shows coming up in Arkansas and will travel back to my home state for about 12 days. Until then, I am going to enjoy my time at home with my hubs, garden, doggie, and friends. Now, I am off for our morning walk/jog. I downloaded couch to 5k to help me get into jogging... it's just ok. I hate jogging but feel like I can do it so I am trying and Matt is being really patient with me :)

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