Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cobaltian Calcite

  A friend gifted me a piece of this amazing mineral a few years ago and I fell in love! I made a necklace and everyone wanted to buy one until they found out what the price would be!! :)
  Well, last year at market I found a beautiful strand of this mineral in pendant form and immediately snatched it up. I have small pieces, medium pieces, and large pieces. The necklaces are ranging from $80 - $150 each at the moment. I haven't made any intricate designs, mainly to keep my retail costs down but also because the stone speaks for itself and is amazing on its own.
I just ran across this website for a Gem and Mineral Gallery in NYC... Thought it was interesting. Especially the pricing.
Here is a pic of one of my designs. I have more, so if you are interested just let me know and we can start a custom order!
This piece retails for $80. Message me if you are interested in purchasing.

Check out the website for more info on these minerals.


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