Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bella Vita - Branding

New logo design in full color.
   After weeks of working closely with the lovely ladies over at Braid Creative in Oklahoma City, I am happy to show off what these creative geniuses came up with for Bella Vita!
   I decided that I wanted to update my brand and the overall look and feel of Bella Vita. I loved the "shop girl" logo but I also feel like I have "outgrown" her. I think she served her purpose for the past 4 years but I wanted to update the Bella Vita look to something more timeless and sophisticated. I also wanted to  bring everything back to a more cohesive look and feel and to also tell my story and the story behind my designs. I felt like things had gotten scattered over the past year or so and since my designs have evolved and taken new directions I thought this would be a good time to re-brand.

New logo design in black/white. I have it in white as well to use as an overlay on images.


Bella Vita Approach:
I’m Brandy Thomason McNair, and I create artisan jewelry with an eye for design and a love for all things vintage. 

For me, Bella Vita is about an appreciation for style and craft.
It lets me work with my hands, curate and blend objects and elements, and create a way for people to express their natural style.

For my customers, it’s about making that thoughtful statement – sharing their story with the pieces they wear.
It could be the story of their people or places, as they take a bit of their loved ones, or their home state – with them wherever they go.
Or maybe they just love that the piece already has a story.

I often go “treasure hunting” around the country, searching for natural and vintage elements
to use in my work. Old lockets, gemstones, chains - materials with meaning continually inspire my designs and give Bella Vita creations that authentic feel, like a patina.

How I curate these elements and design and craft what they become is a story I like to share, as well.
Raw materials, unfinished pieces, snapshots into my studio and bits of inspiration along the way – are just glimpses into my artisan approach. It's a bit like seeing the kind of details you're most drawn to, being "written" along the way.

So whether small and simple,or a statement piece, a little bit of Bella Vita – helps you tell your story, too. 

New postcard design - front.
 Postcard back...

Renamed the lines of Bella Vita. Vintage Treasures, Simple Stories, Natural Elements, and __________. Still trying to come up with a name for "Trendy Chic," the line that features high quality Czech glass beads. Suggestions?

  So, I am still the same Bella Vita that I have always been. My website, facebook, etsy, and blog are just going to look a little different as I update all of them. The goal is for everything to flow together perfectly and tell my story and the Bella Vita process the way it should be told. If you want to see the process slides and images of my studio, where the magic happens, check out my album on facebook.
And, if you feel like it, leave me a comment. I'd love to hear your feedback!


  1. I love the women at Braid Creative, and I certainly love what they've done for your brand. It looks great! Congrats on the new look and keep up the wonderful work.

  2. Trendy chic = vogue? en vogue?

    Congrats on all of your success and a beautiful site!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Just got your new cards with my order, and I noted how nice they look! The photos and design really help show off your art. :)

  5. Love your photos! I always struggle with jewellery photography myself! :P

    1. thank you! It is tough... natural lighting is your best friend though :)