Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Market, To Market - Tucson Adventures

My first time flying into Colorado. Beautiful!!
  I returned from my big buying trip in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday. Normally I would have blogged about all my goodies every morning as I drank my coffee... but, I just didn't have time this year. I also came down with a ~36 hour stomach bug on day 3 that knocked me out of my shopping groove. I was glad that I hit it hard on Tuesday and Wednesday because Thursday and Friday were pretty tough for shopping. I went out into the crowds even though I felt like hell.

  This year my friend Stefanie and I stayed with a Tucson resident at her home. I had these lodging arrangements last year with another woman and I honestly prefer to stay at a house vs. a hotel. You don't have to be around hundreds of other people and it is so nice and quiet. Although the day I was sick I was wishing there was a second restroom! But, all in all, our hosts house was nice and cozy.

  Stefanie and I met last year via Twitter. Some how I started following her biz on Twitter and replied to one of her tweets and we met up at a restaurant. We kept joking that we were celebrating our first anniversary this year! :)

Stef and I at dinner at Cafe Poca Cosa!
Any who, on to the beads!
  I stocked up on all sorts of new colors of gemstones! I tried to get some new stones and new shapes. I also got some really groovy new Czech glass that I am dying to make something with! And there is much much more... you'll have to follow along on facebook and instagram to see the rest as I unpack :)

  So, just one more thing...  During one of my shopping days I was at one of my favorite vendors browsing vermeil and sterling silver charms. I looked up at the lady next to me and read her badge and realized it was the head buyer for Chan Luu! I totally spied her pile of goodies!! I can't wait t see them pop up in their designs soon. That was my only "celebrity" sighting. It's funny because these shows are so huge you never know who you will be shopping next to!
African textiles. I totally bought the blue/purple/pink one in the top right hand corner!!! 6 yards and I have no idea what to do with it. All I know is it is pretty.
African trade beads for miles.
My biggest splurge! Tourmaline and lepidocrocite and I can't remember the name of the blue :)
New gemstones... ooohhhh!

Shell pendants....
Zodiac stamps.
Chain! Opalite.
New adjustable two stone rings. These feel so good on your finger! I think they will retail for around $50. I'll be posting them on facebook soon if you are interested.
Beautiful baskets from Africa! At this point I am wishing I had endless amounts of space so I could stock up on inventory.
Vintage ribbons and trims. I just looked :)
Black obsidian arrowheads (and the geode I got cracked open).
Barrels full of geodes and rocks.
The cracking process! My Grandpa used to do this for tourists that came through Bear Creek Springs. It was always fun to watch so I have decided to get one cracked open every year from now on.
It was beautiful. I told the lady helping me that I was picking a special one.
Goodbye Tucson! You are beautiful and I hope to see you next year. I have LOTS of work to do now!


  1. Oh my gosh, what market is this!?! I would love to go plus it would be my first time visiting Tucson. Love all of your new fabulous finds and super excited to see what you create!

    Best wishes,


  2. Thanks for sharing the great pictures of your trip to Tucson. Wish I could go. What goodies to see! I look forward to posts about what you do with all your new goodies.


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