Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Las Vegas - mini vacation

  Two weekends ago I got to fly out to sunny Las Vegas to meet my girlfriends for a weekend of fun in "Sin City."  I arrived on Saturday morning and met the girls at the hotel and we set out for 3 full days of exploring. We hit the "strip," Freemont St., The Neon Sign Museum, The Hoover Dam, the buffet at the Bellagio, and so much more. 
  I think my favorite experience was the Neon Sign Museum with the buffet at the Bellagio a close second. Being able to lay out at the pool one day was pretty amazing too!
  Getting away for this quick weekend was such a refresher to my winter blues. I loved getting to hang out in a city with my girlfriends. 
  I didn't think Vegas would be a place that I would want to frequent but dang, this was a fun trip and I think I will go back if the chance ever presents itself. It is a really neat, exciting place.

Beautiful botanical garden at the Bellagio.
Walking around the Venetian after our amazing champagne buffet experience.
Neon sign museum signage.
Inside the "bone yard."
One of my favorite vintage signs. I was really in love with all of them!!!
The infamous Las Vegas sign.
Colorado River.
Hoover dam. This was amazing to see in person! Absolutely amazing!
The feet of a beautiful angel statue that is a memorial to the lives that were lost during the construction of the dam. Our tour guide told us that people rub their feet for good luck while in Vegas. I don't know if they brought me luck but I thought the bronze was absolutely beautiful. The statues had a beautiful natural patina but then the feet were shiny as could be.
I took these pieces of jewelry with me in case I popped into a shop that might want to pick up my line of jewelry... that didn't happen. Vegas is very commercial and I didn't find any little independent boutiques to approach. I am sure there are some there but I didn't have time (or transportation) to scope them out.
But now I have a sweet little souvenir bracelet and I am going to make two more bracelets for my girlfriends that went with me.

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