Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shopping Local & Handmade...

As a small business owner I understand how important it is to have customers from your local surroundings. I couldn't do what I do without the relationships I have built with my clients and customers. Most of these people live near the place they purchase my jewelry, whether it is at a show or on my new website.
I try to shop local & handmade as much as possible in my life too. Whether it is my local farmer's market, vintage store or bead store. 
There are a lot of options out there on the big ol' world wide web and I am guilty of using those options from time to time. Usually it is when I see something REALLY unique and just can't live with out it. I also like to shop for handmade gifts when I need them, whether it is at the local arts market or art/craft fair or on etsy.com, I think it is more meaningful when it is handmade by someone. That means that your friend down the road probably IS NOT going to have the same thing, which I think is AWESOME. 

My favorite bead stores that I have visited or shop at regularly:
Crescent Moon Beads: Eureka Springs, AR
Argenta Bead Company: North Little Rock, AR
Dark Star Visuals: Fayetteville, AR
Wild Hare Beadery: Norman, OK
The Bead Merchant: Tulsa, OK
The Spiral Beadery: Oklahoma City, OK
Sedona Bead Garden: Sedona, AZ
Beauty and the Beads: Santa Fe, NM
Plum Bazaar: Branson, MO

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