Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Mothers, Mothers Necklace

This is my Mom's Mothers necklace. Well, her second one anyway. The first one I made had my brothers and my names stamped on silver charms with our corresponding birthstones. But,  few months ago my Mom gave me a handful of charms, pendants and other sentimental objects from her life thus far. She wanted me to compose a cluster necklace from the sentimental objects she had given me. So, I did. 

The heart with the Virgin Mary was given to my Mother when she was 12, by her Mother. The sailboat is from my Dad, he bought it Silver Dollar City after my parents had been married a few years. The Mom charm was from my brother and I when we were kids. The cross was from her baby necklace. The NA charm (the square one) is from the North Arkansas Medical Center. My Mother has worked there as a Nurse and now a Nurse Administrator for the last 38 years. (She works her ass off!) And, my Dad made the ring at the top out of a silver coin years ago. I incorporated my birthstone (ruby) my brother Aaron's birthstone (aquamarine), my brother Bryan and my Grandmother's birthstone (amethyst) and my Mom's birthstone (topaz). She loved it, and I love her.
Thanks for being my Mom, Mom!!!

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