Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday Morning, How I Love Thee...

This past Saturday I was lucky to be at home and off work. I started my day by sleeping in, well until 7:30, because that is sleeping in to me. I was really excited to get up early and head to the farmer's market and flea market at the county fairgrounds here in Norman.
I wasn't sure the flea market was going to be happening this weekend or not... it is kind of hit and miss. The last weekend I was fortunate enough to be at home the Cleveland County Fair was in full swing so that meant no flea market... and a very sad Brandy.
But, this weekend I arrived to a farmer's market full of pumpkins and all sorts of things Fall and an open flea market.
I visited the veggie first and found some late season tomatoes, probably the last good tomatoes of the year. I also got some poblano peppers which I plan to stuff and a spaghetti squash. I wanted a pumpkin but the one I picked out was $10 and I am just not sure a ten dollar pumpkin is in my budget right now.
Then I headed over to the flea market. This weekend I was on a mission to find some new display items and some vintage chains. I knew I'd be able to find one or the other, to my surprise I found both!
There are several vintage jewelry vendors at the flea market but one in particular that has grreeeat prices on her goods.
I left a very happy and inspired customer. I plan to work on  my "Vintage Redux" line this week. I'll be sure to share what I come up with.

I wanted the one that is squatty and brownish orange about half way up the picture...

Table after table after table!
after table after table after table...

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