Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Downtown OKC Photo Shoot

Friday I had my first photo shoot for Bella Vita Jewelry. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. A while back I inquired about local photographers in the metro area and was referred to Rex Barrett of Glass Eye Studios in Oklahoma City. 

I never knew how tiring a photo shoot could actually be. I started my adventure  in the city by visiting Pippin + Pearl, Mister Rabbit, and Wild.Flower to select and borrow some clothing for the models to wear. After that I grabbed some iced tea and a cupcake (for later, when I finally made it home to my couch) at Cuppies & Joe. From this part of town I followed Lanie, Rex's wife, downtown to our homebase. There we started shooting by this cool weathered, painted brick wall.
After a few location changes on that block we headed further downtown to some interesting fountains to shoot for a bit. Then, right before sunset, we wrapped the shoot up at the top of a parking garage at St. Anthony's Medical Center.

One thing about Oklahoma is the sky. It is incredible and seems to go on forever. The day of the photo shoots was one of those days... the sunset was beautiful complete with interesting clouds and an almost full moon rising in the distance. I CANNOT WAIT to share the photos from the shoot! Rex says about 2-3 weeks, lets hope he is over estimating. In the mean time, enjoy what I captured. I am so excited to start planning another shoot!

Jewelry cases on the street bench... waiting to be worn.
Rooftop of parking garage. My awesome team of photographers, photographers assistant and models!


The sunset, not the best picture from my phone... but you get the idea!!!!!

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