Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bella Vita's Original Wire Wrapped Rings!

It was two years ago this October that I was inspired by a vintage clip on earring. I was inspired and determined to turn the beautiful piece of costume jewelry into a ring for my finger. After spending a bit of time manipulating, bending, twisting, curling, etc. I had a brand new, sparkling, cocktail ring. It took me a while to perfect the design but I feel after two years and countless feet of wire, I have finally done just that. 
In celebration of all the success my Original Wire Wrapped Rings have brought me, I would like to offer a re-wrap to customers that have purchased my rings in the past. I have recently seen some of my creations that look like they have been run over by a car or put through the dishwasher and people continue to wear them! I know in the beginning, when I was perfecting my skill, I sold some rings that wouldn't be up to the Bella Vita standard today. I am also using a new wire that has a special coating to resist tarnish. If you think your ring needs some TLC then bring it to me at one of my upcoming shows. For $5 (to cover the cost of materials) I will custom size and re-wrap the wire on your ring for you. If you can't make it to one of my shows simply email me and we can arrange for you to mail it to me.
I will be having a 25% off sale on my current inventory of rings at the upcoming First Thursday and 3rd Friday Argenta Art Walk (custom orders excluded).

The ring that started it all! My very first Wire Wrapped Ring. Made from a vintage clip on earring.
Some of my favorites, vintage buttons and clip on earrings.
Vintage buttons, modes of transportation, from the 1939 World's Fair.

Vintage clip on earrings

Vintage fabric buttons off vintage clothing.

Vintage fabric buttons off vintage clothing.

Vintage fabric buttons off vintage clothing.

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