Monday, February 14, 2011

Custom Orders of Interest

This necklace is for Amber. Amber wanted a personalized necklace that incorporated her family and her love of yoga. I stamped her daughter's name, Jordan, and added her birthstone to her charm. The date is the date of her and her husbands anniversary. Then I embellished with "earthy" colored stones (new tourmaline drops and new turquoise) and yoga charms. Her reaction, "Oh my gosh...I Love it!  So pretty and perfect!"

These earrings are for Barb. She actually ordered a pair of gold and sapphire earrings with a lotus charm on them and then decided she needed another pair to match a smashing new dress she will be wearing on an upcoming trip to Peurto Rico! So I used some new amethyst with a mystic finish on it and the double vermeil marquis hoops. Barb also wanted something flashy and a bit larger than she would normally wear. Her reaction, "I LOVE them, Brandy!  So excited about getting TWO new
pairs of Brandy earrings!"

This is my new "Man's" necklace. It is for Rex of Glass Eye Studios. He is the wonderful photographer that I work with from time to time to make Bella Vita look amazing! He does awesome work and I can't wait to see what we come up with in the future. Anyway, about the necklace: Rex wanted something with turquoise and then he also sent me images of found object jewelry that he liked. So, I dug through my old keys and he selected this one with the lion, which was good because it is the one I wanted to use. Then I embellished with a vintage turquoise drop and a gold toned religious medal that pulls out the brown tones in the turquoise.  His reaction was, "For real, that is perfectly ME. I LOVE it!"

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