Tuesday, February 15, 2011


   This weekend I worked really hard to finish unpacking and organizing all my new purchases from my trip. I also had to reorganize my space a bit to make a more cohesive work area around my work table. I guess it is the 'interior designer" in me that has to constantly move the furniture and bead trays in my studio. In my mind there is always a better way for things to work in here...
   I snapped a lot of pictures because of all the custom work I did this past week. In doing so,  I found some pretty colorful and inspiring photos and thought I'd share them.

If you have ever bought a strand of precious/semi precious stones you know that they come with tassels on each end of the strand of beads. This is my collection of tassels. I am determined to something grand with them someday... until then they sit on my desk and look pretty!
And for a little more color inspiration... a tassel spill....

My new agate slices, I have been searching for a collection of these for about a year now. I finally found them and have them all neatly organized in their own wooden tray. Aren't they fantastic?!

This yarn still makes me happy. I purchased it last Spring from Erin Jepson of Woolyhands. I found her at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market on the opening day and couldn't resist the bag of yarn. I don't knit, although I have tried, I thought I might incorporate it into my jewelry designs but I haven't... it just sits in this beautiful fused glass bowl by another local artist, Babalu.
This was the original picture I took of the yarn last Spring... so inspirational and happy! I used it as my desktop image for about a year.

My new printers tray, almost full of beads. I have been wanting some of these large printers trays to put all of my beads in. I would just die if I ever found a cabinet full of the trays. I am so proud of it.

Ah, my beautiful friend JeanAnne on her wedding day. I have been searching for pictures of my custom work for my new website and couldn't resist throwing this one in. The colors are amazing as is the bride. (I made her necklace).

Finally, I had to part with this necklace on Thursday. This is one of my favorite Vintage Redux pieces. I even blogged about the process of how I made it.

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