Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: a spoiled surprise... by me.

  Matt had the best of intentions of catching me off guard and bringing me my Valentine early on Saturday. He was supposed to be working all weekend at a debate tournament here in town... supposed to be gone ALL day! 

  I took full advantage of my alone time and worked all weekend at the house. Saturday, around noon, I decided to take Arlo for a walk because the weather was beautiful and he was starting to get antsy. We head out the door and down the street... minding our own business... we make it about 400ft and look up to see my car coming down the street... (Matt took my car that day)... then my car turns... then I raise my hands and mouth "what are you doing?" Then the car turns around... then it pulls up beside me and I realize I am ruining my surprise...
  Matt was going to leave my gift on the doorstep and ring the door bell and run around the house. Well, obviously that didn't happen. It was pretty funny nonetheles, both of us had the giggles from it all.
My gifts were a lovely new plant and a delicious chocolate heart cake from my favorite little bakery, La Baguette. La Baguette is the bakery by our house and I frequently go there on Saturday morning to enjoy quiche and coffee and to catch up on reading. I had been there earlier on Saturday morning ooh-ing and awe-ing over all the sweet treats in the bakery cases. It really reminds me a lot of The Little Bread Company in Fayetteville, I swear their ham and cheese croissants look exactly the same as the LBC's. 

Regardless, I am pretty notorious for foiling surprises! Guess it's a gift : )

Perfect pink color...

YUM! this didn't last long! It was sooo perfect.

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