Saturday, June 4, 2011


   I am trying to write this presentation... I feel like it's mostly just going to come to me when I give it. But, in true Brandy fashion, I have to plan everything out. 
I am through the intro and working on the body. The intro took appx. 5 minutes so, that leaves 55 to fill.
   The slide show is coming along nicely, and the perfectionist in me is making it take 5 times longer than it should. My goal today is to write about Trendy Chic and The Delicate Balance... I'll be presenting 3 pieces from each line. The focus of the speech though, is my Vintage Redux line so the bulk of the presentation will be about that. If I meet my goal today I am going to allow myself to take off and go swimming! But, here I am procrastinating... in a good way though. 
   I got up early and hit the farmer's market and flea market! What a day for it!
I got a new hanging basket, fresh eggs, a bouquet of flowers from a very young entrepreneur, and some onions, OH and a basket cherry tomatoes grown here in Oklahoma! Yay, fresh tomatoes already!
   I also scored a bunch of goodies from the "Vintage Fairy" at the flea market. Check out what I dug up today. Happy first Saturday in JUNE! I love JUNE!

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