Friday, October 7, 2011

Biting My Nails

  About a year ago a learned of a Jewelry Design school in San Fransisco and was immediately impressed and wanted to go. After browsing the site for a while I found  a link to some scholarships they were offering. I worked on a portfolio of work, an artist statement and a "why I want to attend the Revere Academy" statement. I completed everything, sent it to my editor (sounds so fancy, I know, but Matt does my editing, he is the KING of grammar and punctuation and would probably die if he saw all these commas...) then I packaged it all up and mailed it off to San Fran. 
  Well, I didn't get the scholarship. I'll have to admit I was a little sadden by the news. They did send me a $100 gift certificate to any class I wanted to take though. Their classes are completely affordable but the lodging is what would kill me. 

  Anyway, I have applied for the same scholarship and another one for "beaders." So this time around I have two chances to receive a scholarship. The results will be announced in 8 days. I want it soooo bad. The scholarship is for any 3 day class, lodging and travel! It would be amazing. Please send all your good vibes, prayers and well wishes my way and maybe a few to the judges in San Fransisco. Please and Thank YOU!

  I am also considering attending this school for a 2 month intensive Jewelry Technician diploma. I just don't know when I could leave my business, my part time job, and my husband for two months.
I have dabbled in metal work before and absolutely love it. The problem is I've only dabbled... I want to be fully immersed in it for a period of time so that I can come home and set up my studio with torches, polishers and all the other studio items it takes to be a full on metal smith. I want to feel fully competent with my skills so that I can work from my own studio and do my own thing. My ultimate goal is to create my own one of a kind pendants and findings to embellish the designs I have been creating for the last 18 years. I think that is what will take my jewelry to the next level artistically. Sometimes I feel like my designs are all over the place! To me it is hard to focus on one line of jewelry or one style of jewelry. I love all materials... from Czech glass to semi precious and precious stones to all things vintage. I think being able to create my own focal pieces and findings might just be the perfect way to tie it all together.

So, in eight days we'll see if I get one of the two scholarships I have applied for. If I don't I'll be ok ;) It will all happen in time.

And a pretty picture b/c I can't write a blog post with out a picture. This is my new favorite color combo, turquoise and rusty chalcedony! These earrings will be up on my site this weekend.

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  1. How exciting! Best of luck! They'd be a fool to give it to someone else :)