Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Harvestfest in Hillcrest

  Hillcrest is the neighborhood Matt and I lived in when were in Little Rock. We had a little carriage house on Ridgeway Drive... I think it was about 500 square feet and somehow we managed to live there for over two years with Arlo being an inside dog. It was interesting to say the least, we often reminisce about "Tiny House" as we liked to call it. The rent was cheap and the neighborhood (and the neighbors) were wonderful it was really hard to leave. In fact I think I had a break down and cried when I emptied the house into the moving van the day I left.
  So needless to say, I was more than excited to be doing a show in our old stomping grounds this past Saturday. The weather was perfect, the crowd was perfect and I got to see many familiar faces and old friends throughout the day.
As soon as I got my booth set up a young, sweet lady came up to me and expressed how she loves my jewelry and follows me on facebook and aspires to be like Bella Vita someday. She said she had been looking forward to meeting me all week. I can't think of a better way to start a show! It was so sweet of her to compliment me. In return I invited her to one of the classes that I am teaching this week at Argenta Bead Company.

My booth at Harvestfest! I only managed to get one picture :/
  I also met the owner of Toad Hall Antiques in Memphis and will soon be shipping an order of my jewelry to her store. Bella Vita is branching out! Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Carolina, and now Tennessee! 


  I am spending the next 3 days here in Little Rock, teaching classes, working at the bead store and meeting with clients. I even picked up a space planning/design job with a client here. Then, on Thursday mornign I head to Leesville, LA to do a show at Threads Boutique. Looking forward to heading South for a night:)
I'll post about that trip when I return!

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