Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Featured Artists Corner

  I have recently acquired some awesome new jewelry from artists that I have met at shows. I wear this jewelry and get a gazillion compliments on it and I almost always fess up and give credit to the artist. There are some situations where it is easier to just say "yes, I made it." Even though I don't feel completely right doing that.
  I have decided to feature a new up and coming artist on my blog and in my online store (and possibly at shows if it fits with my aesthetic).  I am thinking the features will run for 2 -3 months at a time. I am still working out the details of everything. I will blog about the artist, post on facebook and upload the products to my online store. The artist doesn't have to be limited to jewelry but it does have to fit the "Bella Vita look."
If you are interested in having your work featured on my site and blog please send me an email, And stay tuned for our first featured artist that will be up in December!

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