Monday, November 7, 2011

A very Girlie weekend.

  This past weekend was The Girlie Show in Oklahoma City. I have applied twice to this show, accepted once as an alternate and nothing on the second go around...
  I won't lie, I was very sad this year when I didn't get in... I thought this was the year for Bella Vita at the Girlie Show. It wasn't and now, after attending the show on Friday night I am kind of glad! 
This show is soooo popular and wild and awesome. There were so many people there on Friday night, I was amazed. I had only been during the day on Saturday last year which doesn't compare to Friday at all.
I am glad that I got to see the craziness before actually participating as a vendor. It made me think about what items I would focus on for a crazy/busy show as well as my display and booth arrangement. I definitely learned a lot and feel like I will be prepared when I get accepted as a Girlie :)

The view from the top... from the balcony at The Girlie Show.
  Friday night I helped my friends, Luxy Cupcakes, hand out their deliciousness. I also had a chance to help my friend Nikki of Gleeful Peacock... her booth was COVERED UP all night long. I helped her restock and collect money for about an hour... 
  Then on Saturday I came back as a shopper and volunteered to work the door for a 3 hour shift. I got a chance to walk around to all the booths, pick out what I wanted, then make the buying round. I think it is good to do this when you are on a budget. I almost impulsively bought a pair of earrings for $19... probably not a big deal to most people but what am I doing buying earrings?! I need to be wearing my own designs for advertising not spending money on new ones. So, needless to say, I talked myself out of the jewelry and focused on one nice item. That item is a cute clutch made out of up-cycled coffee sacks by Wise Abe of Oklahoma City.

My cute new clutch... because we all know I needed another purse/clutch/handbag!!?!?!!


  1. I've applied and applied and really thought this was my year too! But alas, just an alternate. I was bummed but have tried to look at it as I am just too busy and it would have just stressed me out! Maybe next year will be our year ;)

  2. I am hopeful! Hope you are doing well :)

  3. Well, needed or not, that clutch is darling. You website intro looks amazing, by the way!
    - Ashley Merritt-Stanley