Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Custom Stamped Necklaces

  The possibilities are really endless with these hand stamped charms! From your favorite saying to your children or pets name. I can embellish the charms with your birthstone or your favorite color. These necklaces can be made with recycled brass charms or sterling silver. Brass necklaces start at $25 dollars and sterling starts at $50. The price goes up depending on the length of the word/saying and the stones/beads you want to embellish with.
 I'll be debuting my new line of these necklaces at The Little Craft Show in Fayetteville, Arkansas on December 3rd. You are always welcome to pre-order or custom order your own though ;)

Custom "Namaste" stamping on sterling silver, embellished with clients own sea glass and chrysoprase.
New collection to debut at The Little Craft Show. Find these and more on December 3rd!
Custom order for Christmas...  brass charms and semi precious stones.
Custom Mother's Necklace: daughters name, wedding anniversary, birthstones, and yoga inspired charms all on sterling silver.
School spirit! 3 different styles of "Woo Pig" necklaces are available. Can be customized for any school.
Grandmother's Necklace: grandchildren's names and birthstones all on sterling silver.
Mother's Necklace: 4 boys and their birthstones all on sterling silver.

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