Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Featured Artist Series - Introducing Kendal Drew

I met my first featured artist about a year ago when I was visiting Little Rock. Kendal is a beadchick at The Argenta Bead Company in North Little Rock and that is where we met. I had seen a few of Kendal's earring designs when I first met her and really loved what I saw. I even encouraged her to teach a class on one of her designs. I wasn't surprised at all when I visited again this past October to find her designs have grown and are even more amazing than when I first met her. I hope you enjoy reading a little bit about Kendal but I hope you love her earrings as much as I do. I have a small collection of 6 of her original designs available in my online shop

Meet: Kendal Drew
  "I began making jewelry when I was about 10. I've always loved little things and working with my fingers so I'm pretty sure my aunts were just using me to finish projects that they're cornea's couldn't comprehend. Either way it was something that I became quickly interested in and was an excellent way for me to spend time with the fam. 
  I took a few jewelry classes in high school that pertained to materials that weren't readily available to me at home such as pewter, soldering and enamels. Since then, though, I haven't really dabbled in jewels until I got a job at Argenta Bead, where the creative wheels began turning...and quickly at that. Before I knew it I had all these great ideas. I bought a sketch book for the first time in years, which, unfortunately I don't use as often as I like because I'm too busy making stuff. I gain inspiration from all the other interests that I keep in my life. Interests that I thought would hold higher priority over making jewelry. My dream is to have a paid job in agriculture. Really it could be whatever, but if I had my choice I would own 80 acres and have a small farm with a home I built myself, a good size garden and enough live stock to make up a petting zoo. I mean I really wouldn't have a petting zoo, but you know goats, chickens, a cow or two, pigs and if I'm lucky some sheep. My other career of choice would be to rebuild old cars. Antique automobiles are glorious and full of character. Plus, engineering is just plain cool. My jewelry reflects these things. I gain inspiration from both nature and mechanics. I feel my pieces are a juxtaposition of natural colors and materials arranged in mechanical shapes and patterns. It's funny how I have subconsciously found a way to cross those paths without doing either one of them at all.     
   Well, I've had my rant. Besides jewelry making I work at a pizza joint, hang out with my friends and try to use the little time I have to concentrate on my others hobbies and interests. I hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer. I do" 

Meet Kendal's Designs!!


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