Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heirloom Jewels + What I've been up to...

  A true Jewelry Redux: This custom order started with an heirloom bracelet made of gold and sapphires. It wasn't exactly my clients style but it is very special because it belonged to her Mother. My client wanted to make rings out of the sapphires for the women in her family... so that is exactly what I did. I saved the clasp of the bracelet in case we want to use it on a project in the future. Then I cut a few links apart and filed the metal and then wire wrapped them into rings in the sizes requested. There are plenty of sapphire links left over for future projects.

New (old) key necklaces! See them first at Block St. Party in Fayetteville this weekend!
Working on a project... I sifted and sorted through all my saint/religious medals yesterday. They are all so beautiful! Hard to part with them ;)
 Now I am preparing for Block St. Party this weekend! It will be a fun event if you are in Northwest Arkansas. Check out the facebook event for more info.


  1. The way you helped your client re- construct her jewelry into those rings is fabulous!! They're so beautiful. I'm loving your collection of keys and medals, too - I love things like that!

  2. Thank you Michelle! I love how the rings turned out too.