Friday, June 29, 2012

My slice of heaven

  My slice of heaven is this amazing antique store that belongs to my Grandparents. I spent many many summer days walking the aisles not really caring what was inside the building. As I grew older I tried to find ways to make money during the summer. My Grandparents would let me and my brother sweep or dust the merchandise for a few bucks. There were always cobwebs to clean too... I remember it always being hot, as there is no air conditioning and for heat there is just a wood stove for a pretty large building. 
  Every now and then something inside the building would strike my interest but I didn't have a true appreciation for this store until I was much older, probably in my early 20's. My appreciation grows larger and larger every time I visit, which is every time I go home. During my last trip I snapped some photos of interesting things... or at least things that I found interesting.
  I hope, and dream that some day I'll have a store of my own and I pray that some of these beautiful antiques will still be around when that day comes. 
Until then, I am photo documenting :) 
  Just for the record, I was actually blessed with both sets of my Grandparents being in the antique business. My other Grandparents are gone now and so is their estate, but I spent plenty of time digging in their shops too. 
I see these cups a lot in other Flea Markets. I really like this set.
My most favorite place ever, ever, ever! I've been playing in this jewelry display cabinet since I was a tiny little girl!
Mason jar collection. I remember being "artistic" and taking a photo of this when I was in photography class in high school. Back before digital cameras! I processed my own film and photos.
China, absolutely beautiful China! Not too valuable but so beautiful! Plate after plate after plate.


  1. What wonderful memories you have from your youth! My grandfather had a basement full of things he picked up on his walks (this was before dumpster diving was cool), and I love going down there on Sunday afternoons to explore. Everything is gone now and what I wouldn't give to see it one more time.

    I hope you do get to realize your dream shop someday!

  2. Oh what a lovely place to be able to go as a child and even now!! We have an antique store in the little town I grew up in and I go into it when I'm there and the memories start pouring in. To have both sets of grand parents in the antique business is so special. Lovely memories and such wonderful treasures to phototgrap.

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