Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thunder UP!!!

  I am sure a lot of you saw this necklace circulating on my facebook/twitter/instagram last month. It is a design I came up with while sitting on the couch talking to my husband and his friend the Sunday before Oklahoma City Thunder started the NBA Finals. They went out to play horseshoes and I went in the studio and executed my idea. I started by making 15 or so,  then put it my website and delivered a few to the businesses that sell my jewelry locally.

 I got an email from Alex at the Makeup Bar that evening and she said they sold out and asked if I could make more. Of course I said yes, and that is what I did. I made her 20 more, then she sold out again so I made 30 and said  to myself, "that is all I am making" and luckily that is all I needed to make. I sold completely out! I think between my website sales and shop sales I made around 75 "Thunder Up" necklaces.

  Unfortunately our team didn't win, but they did an amazing job trying!
The coolest thing about the whole experience was a phone call I received one day. It was from a wife of a Thunder player that had purchased 9 of my designs and wanted to add the players numbers so she could gift them to the players wives. So, that we did! I met her at a Panera Bread to attach the custom charms to the necklaces. I had fun day dreaming about the "Basketball Wives" wearing my designs :)

The final product.
Production Mode... my wrists hurt after ALL that hammering!
I was so busy I had to put Matt to work one day! He's a sweetie!
*Bad Picture* but this is what a batch of necklaces looks like.

Custom number charms ;)


  1. This is such a feel-good post :)

  2. So sorry that our Heat beat your Thunder BUT something absolutely wonderful came from the games for you!! Congratulations to you on your Thunder success! Just love your all of you amazing collections ...keep up the great work! :)

    Best Wishes,

  3. So awesome Brandy! They look great. We sold bunches of lightning bolt necklaces at the Indie Emporium shop. I love your classy take on the Thunder jewelry though. Lovely. :)

  4. Supercool necklaces and an awesome story!

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