Friday, July 13, 2012

Coriander Cafe

 Exactly one year ago this week I started a new part time job at Coriander Cafe in Norman. I had eaten there twice w/i a two week span of time and had already dubbed it my "new favorite" restaurant. 
 One day I was browsing facebook and saw that they were hiring and immediately emailed the owner and commented on the facebook thread. 
A meeting or two later I was hired.
At the time I was looking at the job as a way to get out of the house and mingle with human beings on a regular basis. I tend to get "stuck" in the studio (which is in my house) and sort of go crazy. Human interaction is a must for me and what better way to get that than waiting tables?
Waitressing also runs in my blood and comes naturally to me... I guess growing up in a restaurant family will do that to a girl.
 Anyway, if you live in Norman you have probably eaten there and immediately become hooked... It happens. I don't know what they put in the food but it is amazing! I didn't even know what a Bahn Mi sandwich was before working here but now I have to limit myself to one a month.

 Ok... so, I am writing this post because the restaurant is up for Best Vietnamese in the OKC Gazette... which is cool because we aren't in OKC, we are in Norman.
 I would love for you to go cast your vote for this lovely, local business. And, if you EVER find yourself in Norman, this is a must!!! Thanks in advance! And, I completely understand if you aren't down with voting for a business/es you haven't been to. This post is mostly for people that follow me in the OKC/Norman area and to show support for my job!  :)

p.s. the survey is a little finicky... you have to fill in a certain number of answers or it wont let you submit it at the end.

Bahn MI!!!

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