Tuesday, August 7, 2012


  I had the weirdest dream last night... well maybe it wasn't weird but it was so real I woke up in and cried.  I got to hug my Grandfathers neck... He gave me a rosary that was made out of coral or glass mosaic, I don't remember. It was beautiful, and it was also a beautiful moment. 
But then I woke up...

 This is a picture of my Mom's parents. It is really old but I just found it and thought it would be fun to tell a story about them. My Grandmother made jewelry for their gift shop (which was under their restaurant, DeVito's, in Harrison, Arkansas). She is one of my inspirations in my jewelry making.

 Anyway, to the story... I started working for my family the day I turned 14 and continued up until a few years ago. One busy Saturday evening, I go to greet a table... a middle aged couple that were regulars and that also happened to be friends with my father. I go to turn over the mans coffee cup (which was odd that he already had one, it is supposed to be "upscale dining" and there were no coffee cups on the tables) and 3 bags of beads fall out of his cup! He and his wife started laughing and I looked around confused and saw my Papa grinning from ear to ear in the distance. He had gone on a buying trip and brought the beads back for me and had planted them there. They were cloisonne, and honestly being the bratty little kid that I could be, disregarded them. I only have 3 left. I don't remember if I made something with them or if I gave some of them away. Either way, I'll treasure the last three forever. Thanks for letting me get personal :)


  1. Thanks Briana, it's one I'll never forget!

  2. Can you remember how the jewelry he gave you in your dream looked like? These are sometimes incredible sources of inspiration because it is coming from your subconscious which has been working on it without you knowing. I have one piece like that, which I may actually make one day (I don't quite have the skills yet).

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