Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage and Vintage Inspired Baubles

 I just finished reading an article in Matchbook magazine about the founder of Lulu Frost, a beautiful jewelry design company out of New York.
I have seen this amazing jewelry before but I haven't checked out their site in quite some time. It is absolutely stunning!
I was delightfully surprised to find this necklace...
Lulu Frost design...
 Great minds think alike! See my design from April 2011. I knew I should have kept one of these vintage clip on earrings for myself but unfortunately I didn't.
The Lulu design says it is made with "hand painted resin" so I am guessing they  took inspiration from a vintage glass piece and are reproducing it in a lighter material. Go check out their site! It will WOW you.
Bella Vita design from April 2011

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