Friday, October 26, 2012


 I've been going stamp crazy! About 3 weeks ago I got my complete set of U.S. States custom made for Bella Vita. Since then, I've had a few (exciting) wholesale orders and will be featured on a "Southern" blog soon. All this excitement has me making samples like crazy! The stamped charms are not limited to states, nor are they limited to the beaded bangles. I just love the look of them on the bracelets! But, I can certainly make ANY stamped charm into a simple necklace on a vintage chain.
 I also picked up a new set of letter stamps that is a cursive font and a few new designs stamps that you can see below. I had fun photographing the bangles the past few days. The first few photos are with my Cannon DSLR and the last few are with my iPhone, Hipstamatic app. The color in the Hipstamatic pics isn't accurate but I really like how they turned out :)

 Pricing on the bangles is as follows: Bangle w/ state charm - $25, Bangle w/ design stamp or letter stamp $20. If you want to order multiple bangles please let me know and I can give a group discount. I've had tons of people tell me what great gifts these will make! It's never too early to think about your Holiday shopping lists!

My first order going straight to a Holiday Pop Up Shop in Bryant Park, New York, New York!!

Southern state bangles that will be featured on a "Southern" blog very soon!
New cursive font letter stamps.
Design stamps, bird, peace sign, spiral, diamond, skull and bones.
More states! Missouri, California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii - isn't Hawaii adorable?!
iPhone Hipstamatic pics.
iPhone Hipstamatic pics.
iPhone Hipstamatic pics.


  1. I am in love with your bracelets. They are so sweet and IN! <3
    Follow you now, and I hope that you will follow me too...

  2. i like your bracelets designs....nice collection

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