Thursday, August 29, 2013

From one Designer to Another...

 This past week I got a an order from Little Rock's very own Korto Momolu. If you don't know Korto's story you can read all about her on her website... But, in a nut shell she is one amazing designer and was the runner up and fan favorite on the 5th Season of Project Runway
 Honored and excited to say the least! Korto wanted a pendant in the shape of Liberia, her home country. I immediately said yes, not even know if I could do it but I knew one way or the other I would make it happen.
I busted out my jewelers saw and went at it! I am very proud of the end result.   
 This commission made me so badly miss the metal working I used to do. I like to think my busy schedule will one day slow down and I can start working with sheets of metal again... #wishfulthinking
What country would you proudly sport around your neck??

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  1. Love Korto! Such an inspiration. That turned out beautiful, great work!

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  3. Beautiful piece! I have a few cute hand stamped bracelets that would go perfectly with that! Do you have a store on etsy?