Monday, September 15, 2014

Treasure Hunting Trip - Endless Possibilities

This self employment stuff is a real roller coaster.

There are a gazillion things running through my mind at all times - a lot of times they take over my ability to "just get one thing done." 
We all know how good it feels to start getting things done!!! 
Why is it so hard to do at times?!

The other day I took a look at my dry erase board that I made a big to do list on two months ago. It felt so good that all of those to do's were done! I didn't even have to obsess over a list, I just needed to give myself some time and everything worked out so nice and organically. 

We can't do it all! Not possible. But, over time we can get it all done. 

So, the reason behind this post...
I'm getting things done!
I've had a buying trip planned for the past few weeks. 
I can't tell you where I am going because it is top secret. :)

I haven't been all that excited about until this very moment... I have spent the morning emailing and chatting via phone with a new contact in the industry. In our short phone conversation I was reminded of old vendors I used to use, new vendors that I'll be checking out, and we even made an appointment to meet with a casting house. 

This feels like such a huge break through. I am now super excited and planning each day of this buying trip to the fullest.

Ive been struggling with a bout of un-motivation and creative bloc for a few weeks now. 
It happens a lot... especially when I don't do a lot of shows. But, that is all about to change. Shows are starting,  I'm traveling and coming home to design my Spring 2015 line. 
I can't wait to get my hands dirty and find so many new treasures! Follow my journey here and on instagram. I hope to have time to blog and post new treasures each day!! xxoo